Chef Soffia Wardy

Soffia Wardy, Featured Chef for US Wellness Meats

I am very honored to be US Wellness Meats Featured Chef for July 2019. I first discovered US Wellness Meats several years ago in my search to find a company that offered healthy meat, sustainably raised and 100% grass-fed, grass-finished.

It’s increasingly more difficult to source beef, lamb, pork and chicken raised using non-GMO feed, no antibiotics, no GMOs, and no hormones; not to mention the addition of sugar and nitrates.

I try to follow a Ketogenic diet, and US Wellness Meats offers some incredible options to make this easier. I also love that their shipping is free with a flat $9.50 handling fee per total order. The recipes below are showcased on my Featured Chef page using products from US Wellness Meats.

US Wellness Meats Prize Pack
Valued at $150

Contest runs: Monday, July 1 – Monday, July 15, 2019.