Power Outage Eats

Living in Hawaii can absolutely be described as living in paradise! Of course, living on an island has it’s challenges. Our beautiful island of Kauai, receives an average of over 472 inches or 39 feet of precipitation each year, making it the rainiest and wettest spot on the planet. All of this moisture makes Kauai very green and very lush but also causes common and frequent power outages.

Power Outagae Dinner-coll 1
It’s always good to be prepared for these outages by stocking non-perishable pantry items, propane, batteries, candles, matches etc. We keep several fully filled propane tanks on hand to run any number of cooking appliances. One of our favorites is a specialty tripod burner that can accommodate a wok or paella pan. During a recent power outage that lasted several hours, we decided to dig through the fridge, freezer, pantry and garden to see what kind of a meal we could create using on hand items and our wok.

Power Outagae Dinner-coll 2
We had some Shrimp in the freezer, some greens and veggies in the garden and some Asian sauces in the pantry, so we created a tasty, healthy stir fry with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I set everything up on the covered portion of the deck next to the garden to keep out of the rain and Pepper manned the wok. It was a perfect rainy day feast… I have to say that I enjoy the rainy days on Kauai as much as I enjoy the sunshine with or without power!

Power Outagae Dinner-coll 3Power Outagae Dinner-coll 4