Modena-Villa San Donnino

Villa San Donnino was built on March 14th 1910 by Lieutenant Claudio San Donnino. It was later to become an exquisite example of Emilia Romagna “liberty”. Frescoes and decorations by Aroldo Bonzaghi (1887-1918). The villa is filled with spectacular art deco treasures and was used as the back drop for the 70’s film 1900 with Robert Da Niro. The current owners Davide and his wife Cristina now produce an impressive array of balsamic vinegars on the property.

Villa San Donnino s.n.c.
Strada Medicina 25
41010 San Donnino (MO) Italy
Telephone: (+39) 340 2579734
Fax: + 39 059 469325