MAKE OUT-Matthew Kenney

Make Out-Matthew Kenny is a plant based introduction worth the trip!

Make Out-Matthew Kenny fulfills the promise of Everyday Plant Food. They offer a broad menu of cold pressed juices, smoothies, superfood coffee elixirs and a wide range of raw dishes and desserts.

Matthew Kenney, a leading raw food chef, best-selling cookbook author and the creator of several innovative, expertly executed and delicious raw food restaurant including Make Out in Culver City, a chef driven plant-based cafe for the everyday eater. Serving raw food focused on health, art and above all nutrition. Make Out focuses on preparing minimally processed, plant-based cuisine, that is inspiring and vibrant.

Why we like it…

  • Experience food in it’s most perfect state, “RAW”
  • Dishes are complex, creative and full of flavor.
  • Nutritiously delicious and satisfying

Need to know…

  • If you haven’t eaten raw, you may quickly become addicted.
  • Eating raw is a great way to be good to yourself.
  • Don’t expect simple salads and crudites, Make Out is so much more
  • Don’t miss the juices and smoothies

Notable Dishes…

  • Tree Nut Cheeses. Market fruit. Sweet & Spicy Mustard Seeds. Fennel Crisp
  • Kimchi Dumpling. Ginger Foam. Coriander
  • Market Tomato Lasagna. Zucchini. Macadamia. Santa Barbara Pistachio. Basil
  • Lime Cheesecake. Cola Foam. Lime Glass

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Make Out
9426 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 394-7046