Caring For Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers in a home offer a warm, welcoming and finishing touch to any room. We love them almost everywhere there is a bit of free space. To keep flowers fresh we change the water daily, this will allow your flowers to last several days to a week, regardless of the container.

After the beauty of an arrangement has faded, and the water turns cloudy from the deteriorating stems, we have a few steps that will make clean up and disposal of an arrangement a breeze and mess free.

It’s important to take care when disposing of flowers, especially if they contain pollen as it can stain clothing and furniture.

The best way to cleanly dispose of flowers is to place a trash bag larger than the arrangement over the entire bunch and vase.

Tighten the bag against the stems as close to the water line as possible. Pull the flowers out of the water, allowing excess water on the stems to drip into the vase.

Turn the bag over tie it closed with a knot, compost if at all possible or throw it away if composting is not an option, empty and wash the vase. Now you’re ready to create beauty all over again with natures perfect bunch!