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I am deeply passionate about the realm of luxury real estate and the exquisite homes crafted within it. Currently serving as a Global Luxury Real Estate Advisor at Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's International Realty, I find immense joy in facilitating the buying and selling luxury properties. This role grants me the privilege of being integral to one of life's most extraordinary experiences. Whether you aspire to purchase, sell, or explore Aspen Real Estate, I am here to guide you through the process with dedication and expertise. Suppose your interests extend beyond Aspen to other markets. In that case, my extensive global network enables me to connect you with exceptional brokers in diverse locations, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience wherever your real estate ambitions may lead.

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Cooking & Design Inspiration

Blessed with the opportunity to reside in Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico, my culinary journey has been a delightful exploration of diverse flavors and techniques. This global exposure has honed my cooking skills, fostering a passion for experimenting with new ideas and ingredients sourced from around the world. My commitment to maintaining a well-stocked pantry reflects my dedication to creating culinary masterpieces. The joy of crafting a superb meal is only rivaled by my enthusiasm for orchestrating elaborate dinner parties.

Beyond the kitchen, my interests extend to the realms of recipe development, space design, and curating luxury home products. Through my experiences and creative endeavors, I aim to inspire your senses across various facets of life—be it through tantalizing food, exquisite home entertaining, thoughtful decorating, or exploring a luxurious lifestyle, real estate, and travel. Join me on this sensory journey, where each element harmonizes to create a tapestry of inspiration and refined living.


My Background

My professional journey took a unique turn away from international law studies at Georgetown University into the dynamic fashion industry. Collaborating for over a decade with my father in his luxury retail business, Amen Wardy, offered valuable insights. I later expanded into design and manufacturing, creating collections in the United States, Mexico, and China.

Subsequently, I ventured into the design and manufacturing, creating a collection of luxury bed linens, decorative pillows, and later, denim sportswear, with operations spanning the United States, Mexico, and China. In a distinctive shift, I established a bilingual medical answering service, "MedConnectUSA," before relocating to Aspen.

Embracing a new chapter in my career, I rejoined Amen Wardy Aspen, facilitating the launch of an online e-commerce presence and a magazine dedicated to home entertaining, culinary arts, and lifestyle. This multifaceted journey reflects my adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for exploring diverse industries.


Real Estate

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